His Stories in Singapore's Red-Light District

God at Geylang

About the book "God at Geylang"

God At Geylang puts together real life stories of people whose lives have been touched by God. Each of these heart-wrenching stories, provided a glimpse into the hard realities of the prostitution trade and yet, in the darkest of these places, we find grace and hope shine the brightest through. They testified time and again how God can turn the impossibles to possibles.

Please note that the Chinese version will only be available for delivery in April.

Stories from Geylang

Testimonials of how God has touched lives and brought about change and transformation.

Geylang Ministry

House of Olive Leaf Ltd

Geylang Ministry (GM) started out in 2008 with the mission to see the lives of Geylang people transformed by God’s love for them. GM reaches out to men and women working in the Geylang red light area.

GM has operated independently under House of Olive Ltd (HOL) since 2018.


Hope is essential to overcome life challenges. GM endeavours to help the people in the red-light district by finding true hope so that none shall walk alone in the life journey.


GM is a faith-based community group. The starting point of GM is building bridges into these communities to create opportunities to assure them that someone cares for them and there is hope in their lives. Our goal is to help them to find an alternative choice and walk with them in the journey for a better future.

Values in action

Building friendship with people through regular outreach meet-ups, online and onsite small group fellowships, skill training, counselling, job search assistance in Singapore and overseas etc. We actively look for opportunities to share the hope we have so that they might believe and can benefit too. 

Seeking to show respect and love as we recognize and regard them as children equally loved by the Creator. We also prayerfully act and believe that our faith will see us through the various cross-cultural challenges. 


Reaching families, not just individuals as we recognize the critical roles their families play in their journey of forgiveness, reconciliation, restoration and faith. Commitments to regular visitations and follow-ups are not only important but also impactful. 

Establishing and strengthening team work through partnership with a network of NGOs, volunteers and overseas organizations to ensure the success of GM community work going forward. There is power in unity as we come together in one heart and one spirit to serve and bless the people of Geylang.

Partner with us


Stand with GM to pray with us.


Serve with GM with your gifting(s).

Contact Us

If you are keen to support the work of Geylang Ministry or wish to find out further details and partnership information, please email us at holshine@gmail.com.